About Us

Kingsman Soccer Club Inc. was formed in 2016 with the idea to make one of the strongest soccer team in Ontario.



The mission of the Kingsman Soccer Club is to popularize soccer and grow up a soccer fan community in Canada.


Mission statement

Soccer in Canada is one of the most popular sports in terms of participation rate.

One of the earliest soccer games was played in Toronto in 1859. Nowadays it’s about 2.7 million players in Canada (“FIFA Big Count 2006”. FIFA. Retrieved July 10, 2008). Soccer is not only about sport; the game is to unite players and society. It makes us better men.

But there are some things to improve. The tribunes are not full. There are not so many games on TV, as it can be. There are not enough fields.

We want to be a part of Canada Soccer League to make these improvements together, step by step, year after year.

We try our best to make breathtaking games, that attract fans and media. Therefore, we need to search and invite to our team the best soccer players that we can find locally or abroad. For better performance we need practice, a lot of practice. We are going to push our investors to build a new field for CSL teams, for games and practices.

Youths is the future of the soccer. It’s unlimited source of talented players. We should find them and develop their skills in camps and regular training practices.

Kingsman Soccer Club has all necessary resources to achieve our goal. We have very good sponsors and investors who trust us and ready to work with us to reach our and Canadian Soccer League goals.